optical cable connection at Playbar issue

  • 7 December 2019
  • 5 replies

The sound control from my TV remote all of a sudden stopped working. I can hear sound, can’t turn sound up or down with TV remote. Works using the sonos app. I have found that by unplugging the optical cable from the playbar and plugging in again resolved the problem. However this issue is happening continuously and the plugging & unplugging of the cable is becoming bothersome. This only started happening about a week or so ago. Help ??

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5 replies

These have to be two separate events. There’s no connection between an optical connection, which carries light from the TV to the speaker, and the reception of IR on the PLAYBAR. I have to wonder if there’s some sort of blocking of the IR receiver on your PLAYBAR, so that when you move it to reseat the optical connection, you’re temporarily unblocking the IR receiver. 

There’s a pretty good image in this thread that shows where the IR receivers are on a PLAYBAR:

Additionally, some people have reported that their plasma TV is interfering with the light being received by the IR receiver, usually putting a “shade” over where the IR receiver is seems to fix the issue. My imagination starts with a 3x5 card to test that, and then some creative thought to find something more appealing. 


Oh, one other thing I should mention. It might be worth trying replacement batteries in that remote. It’s an offhand chance, mind you, but it’s possible that the IR beam is weaker than normal if they’re going bad. 

Not sure why that would change when you reconnected the optical cable (something I’d avoid doing too much, those plastic terminals can get broken fairly easily, a bad spec, IMHO), but I thought it might be worth mentioning. 

Thanks for your suggestions. I did think about the IR receiver being blocked. My TV is a late model Samsung Q. I’ll check the link you have provided. Many thanks. 

I have tried the shade over the IR receiver on playbar, adjusted the sound whilst being close to the playbar and all good. Took the shade off still good. Walked further away, no go. Playbar IR receiver does not flash when further away. Changed the batteries, works up close, not further away, with or without shade. ??

IR does have a limited range, due to the wavelength of the light. Not sure you’ve solved the problem yet, although signs are positive. Time will tell.