One Zone not linking to others

  • 1 October 2016
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I have a system with 3 zones - Kitchen has a ZP10, Bedroom has a ZP100 and Living Room a ZP90 through an amp. I can link Kitchen and Bedroom together fine, but if i try and link Kitchen or Bedroom with Living Room, the Living Room will not play. Even if all zones are separated I can't play one thing in Living Room and another in Bedroom or Kitchen (Living Room cuts out when I try). However, I can play different music in Bedroom and Kitchen with no problem. Any help would be much appreciated as to how I get Living Room linking again.

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8 replies

Submit a system diagnostic and post the confirmation number. You have wireless issues, and Sonos Support should help pinpoint the problem.
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Sounds like you either have some interference or IP conflict with the living room. Are you running Sonosnet (one unit hooked to your router)?

Make sure there are no cordless phones or other wireless devices around that living room Sonos unit (I'd say make sure nothing within 6 ft.).

Does the living room work fine and play a song on its own when the other units are not playing music. If so then its probably not an IP conflict. If it were IP conflict it would start playing but then get no sound and start dropping off network.

If using Sonosnet how far is the Living room from the other play speakers. What unit is hooked to router.

If using your home wifi is this the furthest unit from your router?

Sonos can look at your network if you go under controller...settings...advanced...submit diagnostic. Post diagnostic number here and Sonos rep. can take a look at.
Thanks ratty - could you advise how I submit a system diagnostic - many thanks
Thanks ratty - could you advise how I submit a system diagnostic - many thanks
Thanks ratty - could you advise how I submit a system diagnostic - many thanks
Cheers Chris, yes, the Living room unit is hooked directly to the router. We have a wireless phone and cordless headphones all in the same unit so this may be the issue (there is also a wifi extender plugged in close)

Thanks all for your help - diagnostics number is 6599656- hopefully someone from Sonos can help
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Hi, Medstark. There are massive peaks of interference on your Playroom and Living Room devices. We need to move them away from other electronic or wireless components, as far as you can manage. Also, you want to ensure that your Sonosnet channel does not conflict with the channel that your router and extenders are set to. Please make the requested changes and then test the system, reporting back with a diagnostics confirmation number. Thanks in advance.
Hi Edward. Thanks for your suggestions - I've made the changes suggested but given the way everything is currently set up am struggling to get the Living Room router any further away from the router / extenders. The new diagnostic is 6609193. Please let me know if this changes anything. The Living Room device is working fine in isolation, just not when linked to any other zone. Thanks for your help.