One SUB for Two Rooms

  • 1 November 2013
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80 replies

The Sub is a bit pricey, however I could justify the cost of one sub to my customers if it could serve 2 areas, versus zero sub's. . I don't have any data on this, but I think they would sell more subs if you allowed this feature.
Understand your perspective, but I'd imagine the reason that they haven't done that is due to some sort of market information that they have. Or perhaps there's a software limitation, who knows.
I’m jumping on this bandwagon as well, although it doesn’t appear likely that it will ever come into fruition...
Count me in!

I have a Beam under my TV and my desk is sitting in the side room which is not closed by any door. Both rooms could benefit from the sub.
Count me in.

Like: The subwoofer should work together with room a.
And if there is audio in room b without audio in room a it should provide Bass for room b.