Old Sonos Bridge.

  • 27 October 2020
  • 1 reply

I am using an old Sonos bridge to power 2 non-Sonos speakers in my outdoor kitchen. Having a hard time re-connecting to “line-in” feature for TV play. I assume direct Digital Optical cable wont work (don’t see input). I tried RCA’s directly with no luck. Thinking I need Optical converter/adapter into RCA’s. The speakers work with normal play (Spotify, etc) but can get the TV to connect.


1 reply

The “old Sonos bridge” is a pure networking device. It has no audio features. Perhaps you mean a ZP80 or ZP90?

The optical port is output only. You will need to connect the TV to the RCA Line-In jacks, if necessary via a small DAC. Don’t forget to select Line-In using the controller, or configure Line-In Autoplay.