Nooooob connect question

  • 11 January 2017
  • 5 replies

I have rigged up a technics turntable to a preamp to a connect. The sound is low but sounds like its on full blast. I played an album which came with a digital download and the digital sounded way better, more fullsome, greater bass. I am just wondering what i am doing wrong. Thanks

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5 replies

Well, apart from the fact that vinyl is fundamentally a compromised medium, it could also be that the Line-In sensitivity needs to be adjusted. Go to the CONNECT's Room Settings and tweak the Line-In Source Level.
Hi ratty, i tried that it sounds better high but still nowhere near as good.
You do have the turntable running through a phono pre-amp do you do? Lack of volume, especially bass, suggests that maybe you don't.
I agree with ratty, sounds like you are running it without a pre-amp. Regular phono output is very low level, as well as boosted in some frequencies and attenuated in others, making it sound terrible. If your turntable includes an internal phono pre-amp, use that output (or turn the pre-amp on). If not, you need to purchase an external phono pre-amp.
Yes the pre amp is between the turntable and connect