No wireless modem. Only Hotspot.

Can I configure a bridge to connect to my wi fi hotspot (no ethernet port) to get internet content and then jack into my existing Amp with a connect unit to play streaming content through my Amplifier?
Or….If I configure an Apple extreme  to use my ATT hotspot can I then stream internet content via a bridge and a connect unit through my amplifier?

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Hello Scott,

One Sonos component needs to be wired into the router so that the rest of your Sonos system can connect to the internet and get IP addresses from the network. You could set the Airport Extreme to Extend the WiFi network of the hotspot, but you may run into a different problem. Most hotspots are limited to a certain number of IP addresses. Each of your Sonos components will need an IP address from the hotspot, so will that Airport Extreme, and any computer or other wireless devices on the network.

You could also look into using Internet Connection Sharing and the Ethernet port on your computer, though this has not been tested and is not a supported setup by Sonos.

So, if I want to turn my stereo system on board my trailer into a music streaming system and the internet on my trailer is provided by a wireless hotspot, all I need, in the way of a sonos component, is a "connect" $349.00. Correct?  That would work "if" I linked a airport extreme to extend my mobile hotspot and jacked the Sonos Connect via eternet  into an airport extreme.    Is that correct? Or do I need a sons bridge as well?  My understanding is that the Bridge would only be necessary if I had wireless speakers that I wanted to include. (The IP addresses are not a problem as I am allotted 10)

2.  If I did add sonos speakers would they be in sync with my stereo's wired speakers? 
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Hi Scott,

Unfortunately, this setup relies a lot on that wireless Hotspot which we can't guaranty the connection of. If that Hotspot is providing enough IP addresses, on the same subnet, than you should be able to run the Airport Extreme off of it. You can then wire a CONNECT into your Airport Extreme and it should get an IP address from the Hotspot, along with any other devices wireless or wired to the Extreme.

You only need a BRIDGE if you can't wire one of your other Sonos components to the network.

For your second question, it depends on how things are configured. If the CONNECT is going digitally to your receiver than the receiver is going to be converting the audio and then playing it, so syncing will be dependent on the time it takes that device to convert. If you're running Analog from the CONNECT into the receiver, the receiver may add additional conversion which would add more time. You'll want to try running it through a digital connection as it'll have the best chance of being perfectly in sync with wireless Sonos components, but it does depend on your receiver.

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take a look at this thread I recently replied to in the forum that details how I setup and future possibilities.
Hi Lewis. I have run Sonos successfully in a rented apartment that had no landline. I used a Netgear Universal Range Extender WN2000RPTv2, which has 4 Ethernet ports, to extend the wifi from my Huawei mifi device. I wired the Sonos Bridge to the Netgear and was soon playing music through my Sonos speakers. You can also play Sonos in a closed LAN with no connection to the internet and I have also done this in the past. Obviously you can't play internet content like this, but you can play from a phone or computer linked to the network. Finally, if you have a Play:5 you can set it to Autoplay and use the line-in socket to link a music source such as an iPod. John, Canford Cliffs Audio


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