No Music After Turning a Component Off and Back On

  • 14 April 2016
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I just purchased a Connect, a Boost, and two Play1s and have one question regarding play. I grouped all the components into one group, but I when I turned off one of the Play1s to make a connection change and then powered it back on, it no longer played music and showed a "no music" status on the iPhone control app. Eventually I opened the PC control app and noticed it was no longer listed as part of the group, so I proceeded to include it back in the group and it started playing music again. Is this normal? Do components drop off from their group when powered off? The Connect is being used to link my home stereo to Sonos, but I don't leave it on all the time, so will I have to re-group it when I turn it back on? Thanks.

6 replies

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Yes. That is normal behaviour I believe.
Thanks for replying Stuart. Can I get a definite?
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Hey Mickie, Stuart has you covered there, once the white light stops flashing on your unit, its ready to re-group and back to playing your tunes!
Thanks so much
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It would be a feature that I would like to see - if one of your Sonos products powers down, when it powers back up it resumes where it left off. I have no idea how easy/difficult this would be but it does seem a shame that if for any reason you lose the power you need to set it up again, group/playlist/volume etc.
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the play1 that you unplugged was probably the first player that you grouped all the other player to, get it? if you ungroup everything then choose one speaker you wont unplug and group all the other to this one, you should be able to unplug the other without disturbing the music