No Digital Output...any work arounds?

  • 30 March 2017
  • 3 replies

Hey all, was about to buy the new Sony x800 4k Bluray Player...realized that there isn't a digital output...only HDMI. Not to familiar with any options, hoping I can get some help.


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3 replies

I was wondering if something like this would work:
That looks like it would be suitable for getting sound to the Playbar from the BluRay player, but there are other considerations, such as:
1. If the BluRay hogs the optical link to the Playbar, how will you get other audio to the Playbar, e.g. from OTA broadcasts or set-top/satellite box? You might be better off with an HDMI switch with digital optical output.
2. If the BluRay does not convert DTS audio to DD5.1 then feeding audio direct to the Playbar may produce silence, as the Playbar does not support DTS.
3. You might not need anything at all, depending on what your set up is. If you are using the Playbar standalone, and aren't worried about full 5.1 surround sound, then just feed HDMI to the TV and optical from TV to Playbar. Exactly what you get will depend on your TV and its audio settings.

There is a current thread on "4K/UHD bluray players that decode DTS to Dolby" that it would be worth your taking a look at.

Hope that's of some help.
It does thanks...

I also just remembered that my Samsung JS9000 already does this for me, I have all my devices including Ps4 pro connected to the box it comes with, and am outoutting to my sonos via optical

I think that should work