New Sonos Amp in white - please

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As it looks the new AMP will only be available in black. This makes me very disappointed as I would have loved to commission my old (white) Connect Amp installed in my kitchen and have it replaced with the new Amp. I have all speaker cables wired to a spot were I keep the Connect Amp very visible on a (white) counter top. I only have white and aluminium as a colour scheme. There is NO way I would buy a black one. Sonos, please reconsider in the same way you did with the Sub (that original only came in Black) and make a white Amp available. I will buy one immediately.
Anyone else with the same wish?

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Hi Magnus Ohlin,

Thanks for the suggestion of making a white Sonos Amp. I'll send this along to the team as a feature request.
I will buy a white one immediately also!
Same for me! I will not buy the black one, but I really want the new amp in white.
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this would be great!
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I have and like the black one but since other Sonos components come in white it makes sense to have a white version of the amp too.
My partner won’t let me buy the black one. Please, please, please give us a white Sonos amp.

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