New Sonos AMP and Sonos One pair as 'front' speakers

  • 22 January 2019
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I currently have a recent Samsung wall mounted TV, with the cables going through the back of the wall to the amp and other devices. As a result I want to avoid adding a Playbar and keep the aesthetics as they are. I also want to hook my TV up to the new Sonos AMP via HDMI/ARC (I have a new Samsung TV), but instead of using 2 x passive speakers with the Sonos One pair as the rear speakers, I want to use the Sonos One's as the front stereo pair i.e. no passive speakers in the configuration.

A nice to have would be 4 x Sonos One's, so that I get a stereo front and then a rear surround with the other pair. However, if the AMP limits me to just a single pair of One's at the front, I can live with that.

I know a Playbar would (probably) solve this, but I want to avoid adding to the wall or area where the TV is, as I have a convenient place for everything behind the TV. I even thought of using the Paybar as a 'dumb' connection, to get the TV to HDMI and output to the Sonos ecosystem, but it is too long to go in the space behind the wall the TV is mounted on...

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best answer by jgatie 22 January 2019, 14:47

At this time, it is not possible to use Sonos Ones as front speakers in a Home Theater setup. They can only be used as surrounds.
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7 replies

At this time, it is not possible to use Sonos Ones as front speakers in a Home Theater setup. They can only be used as surrounds.
For that matter, there are no Sonos speakers that can be set up as front speakers in a Home Theater setup. The only devices that Sonos have that can deal with the signal are the three soundbars (PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, Beam) which all have Right, Center and Left inside them, and the Sonos Amp, which allows you to set up your own speakers as front right and left, but doesn't allow for a center channel to be hooked up, instead using a "faux" center channel.
I’m totally with you. I want my TV to join the 2.1 setup I have (2 Ones and a Sub) and don’t want a Soundbar, Beam, or Playbase. I hope in the future you can do this.
There's always the Sonos Amp, which can drive two non-Sonos speakers in a 2.1 TV setup. Then you could use your two Ones as surround speakers, and end up with a 4.1 (effective 5.1 with the phantom center speaker) setup.
Indeed. I just don’t want surround - just a good old fashioned 2.1 setup
Yea, understood. Was just trying to be a bit more budget conscious, while still including the TV.
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The faux center channel produced by the Sonos Amp produces very clear dialogue.