New Product request: Less expensive CONNECT Lite

  • 30 November 2013
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Love the new Play: 1, just wondering, the Connect is brilliant, but some customers are asking if there is a sort of Connect Lite, cheaper for low price stereo's, a unit under £200 would be amazing, fingers crossed!

4 replies

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Brilliant, just as an extra, wouldn't it be a brilliant idea to take the speaker out of the play 1, and add a photo out, like a connect mini to connect to lesser hi-fi?

My connect with arcam dac is amazing into my 15 series marantz amp and Dali mentor speakers, but my kitchen has a ruarl r4i which the connect is overkill for, so a connect mini or lite would be perfect
All for this idea as well. Whether it's there or not, I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that they can produce the Sonos Play:1 ($199) and Play:3 ($299) for less than the Sonos Connect ($349). The Connect just doesn't seem to provide the value behind the price. 

"The Beep" ($149) is what I think we're looking for here. It will control your stereo or single unit system (like Bose, Geneva speakers, etc.) but it is almost 60% less expensive than Sonos and because it is small can be hidden better.

I have a Sonos connect now and 1 Play:5, but I also have Geneva XL, Geneva L, and Bose speakers that don't justify the the price of a Connect nor the size of it. Honestly the price and size of the connect limit you to what kind of single unit speaker system you can buy.

If Sonos gets out a product to fill that void I'd happily fill purchase it, but as of now I'm waiting for The Beep to come out or another product like it.

I totally agree. The connect is too expensive, and that's why I have not yet bought any sonos product. Furthermore the connect is really limited. it has only one analog input which is really not enough. But what I really think is that the play 1, 3, and sub should all have at least one input. Which in most case would avoid the need of a connect. I would be ok to pay more for the speakers if they had a line input ... For my setup I would need at least one input. I would be happy with 2 play 1 to start. But 2 play 1 plus a connect costs 750. That's nearly 2 play 5 ...
Miljbee that is an awesome idea...adding inputs to all the devices would solve a lot of the problem. I think I would still use a cheaper Connect however...I wonder if you could use a wireless system with Play:5/3/1. For example, plug a "Beep" into the Sonos Play:1 and control it from the Beep app.