New Play 1's Sound Different ?

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Interesting - I have a1.20 bought new - and a 1.8 bought second hand and inadequately packaged so therefor on its way back - it seemed that it had been dropped in transit - when I tested them together in the same place where my 1.20 sounded lovely - deep - detailed - the 1.8 sounded fragile lacked warmth or depth - I assumed that the difference may have been in how the unit had been handled in transit but is it the consensus here that the difference is endemic in un Trueplay corrected units - so - if Trueplay is so crucial in the setup and harmony of Sonos speakers why is it only available to a subset of Sonos users - I am an android user and so have no access to iOS devices.

Should I expect any replacement with the 1.8 firmware to sound the same as the above uncorrected or otherwise.

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