New Home set-up

  • 8 April 2017
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We just built a new house and had it pre-wired for our music to key rooms and patios for speakers. All the internal locations have had speakers installed in the ceilings.

We also want to be able to place wireless speakers in our yard. We have a central electronics closet where all wiring in the house for TV Music, etc go to. Which Sonos base unit should we use to be able to supply music to all our wired locations and yet be able to wirelessly send music to our yard speakers?

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3 replies

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Hi stevil, welcome to the community. For sending music to the wired locations you would need a CONNECT:AMP for each zone. See this article describing how to configure them. For the speakers in your yard: Sonos does not actually make any outdoor speakers at the moment. You would need to get a different solution from someone else. That could then interface with the rest of the Sonos system via the Sonos CONNECT.
Hi Tom, Along those same lines, I too am building a new home and have pre-wired 12 zones, including out door. I have elected to prewire all areas. I did not wire in my 2 kids rooms but hope there are portable speakers that I can use. I have 4 TVs that I would like to play videos on and have music coming through the speakers. Is this possible with Sonos? What Sonos equipment do you recommend that I purchase. The speakers for 2 zones are set up for home theater and have amps already. Also the back yard zone will have 8 speakers because it is a large area. Does this make a difference?
For existing speakers with amps, you need a Connect for each. For existing wired speakers, each Connect:Amp can power a single music source to up to two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers. For the unwired rooms, any of the Play:X units can be used, in singles, or 2 of the same model in a stereo pair. If you cannot hardwire one or more to the network, consider the Boost. This will put you in Sononet mode, which is a more reliable mesh network isolated from your WiFi. It's recommended for any system with more than a few units.