New Home Integration

  • 14 March 2008
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Cheers Sonos community; long time reader of the forums, first time poster.

We are building a new home and am convinced a Sonos DMS is the way to go. While I consider myself to be somewhat technically savvy, I've never tackled anything like this. I think I have a good understanding of a typical setup; but as soon as it comes to wiring in-line volume controls and matching speakers of proper ratings I start to get nervous. Is there someone from Sonos that could meet with me to look over plans and help avoid problems? It would be a shame to get walls boarded up only to come across problems that could have been avoided.


1 reply


SONOS does not make house calls, but a local dealer or installer can be helpful. At the bottom of this page is a "Store Locator" link.

If you are connecting a single pair of speakers to a ZonePlayer, no external volume control is needed. You can connect two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers directly to a ZP100. Beyond two pairs, you must Connect some sort of "box" between the speakers and the ZP100.

Inwall speaker controls are great problem solvers when more than one pair of speakers is connected to an amplifier. They will allow you to balance the sound level in each area and they can be used to solve the more than two pair of speakers issue.

We recommend that the ZonePlayers be scattered about, rather than stacking them in a central location. Since this is new construction, run CAT-5e wire to each ZonePlayer and include at least one extra network jack in every room.