New Connect Amp for main Hi-Fi ?

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I'm nearly all Sonos.

In the front room I have a Sonos Connect feeding an external Zodiac Gold Dac (Linear power supply) which feeds a power amp into my Focal speakers.
The room also has a Beam and 2 Play 1s connected to the TV for surround duties.

I always these days use Sonos as my feed for all TV and Music, I'm thinking of reducing boxes and going Sonos all in.

The connect amp will only be used for 2 channel stereo I may put my 3 party sub onto the amp.

Good way forward are users of the new amp happy with the sound delivered?

I'll use the direct from Sonos route to ensure its a good fir with the room to allow a 100 day return.

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Hi keeper

First the new Amp is called the Sonos Amp as the Connect Amp is still available. To your question I'm very pleased the Sonos Amp. It's driving a set of Definitive BP20's and matching 5000 sub. Your listening experience may be different. As you mentioned...I would take advantage of the Sonos return policy to try it. Learn more about the Sonos Amp at the links:
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I’ve been happy with mine. Knocked the treble down a little.
My only source is a 4K Apple TV. I keep it on stereo most of the time and have the rear Sonos Ones off too. I only turn everything to 5.1 for movies.

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