New Amp to TV.

  • 26 February 2021
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Hi, i have upgraded one of my connect amps for a new amp, and i plan to use it for tv sound also,

My problem is my tv is in a different room than my sonos amp and virgin box with all wiring concealed in walls, currently my virgin box uses the HDMI to TV for standard TV Audio, how can i get sound through my wired ceiling speakers that currently work via sonos app from new Amp,

My TV has an ARC HDMI socket

FYI, i have spare wires not used to TV from room where the virgin box and Amp are located, they are


Optic cable

2 x red/white line in  plugs

single line with 3.5mm jack plug on

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3 replies

I would encourage you to run a new HDMI cable through the walls, from the TV’s ARC port to the Sonos Amp. 


I thought about this cool item but it has a Toslink male adaptor...


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Use the HDMI Arc, any other way is a poor choice.