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  • 27 October 2016
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Hello all,

New to Sonos, and love it!

My wife bought me a turntable (link below) mistakenly thinking that as it is Bluetooth compatible that it would work with Sonos.

My question is, what do I need to get this turntable to work with my Play 1? Would I need a Connect or a Connect: Amp?

Many thanks,


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11 replies

Since that turntable has a pre-amp which outputs line-level over the RCA outputs, you only need a Sonos device with a line-in. These are the Play:5 (Gen 1 and 2), the Connect:Amp, and the Connect. Of the three, the Connect is the least expensive, though the Play:5 will give you an outstanding speaker along with the line-in. You will also need the proper cable (RCA male L/R to RCA male L/R for Connect/Connect:Amp, 3.5 mm stereo male to RCA male L/R for the Play:5), which used to be included in the package, but I'm not sure now.

PS - Connect/Connect:Amp includes a stereo RCA to RCA cable, the Play:5 does not include a 3.5mm to RCA. You would need to buy a cable with the Play:5.
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As jgatie mentions, the Connect will be the least expensive at around £259. Still an expensive option to get a £100 Turntable to play through a Play:1. I'd be more tempted to invest in a Play:5 at around £420 or even a used 1st Gen version for around £270, and bring multi-room into the equation 🙂
Thank you both for your replies.

So would grouping a single Play 1 and a single Play 5 work well; I presume the Play 5's sound quality would be greater than the Play 1?
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Basically you'd have a Play:1 in one room and the Play:5 in another. Not to be confused with creating a stereo pair in one room, as this requires two of the same model. The Play:5 is far superior in terms of quality, not to suggest the Play:1 is lacking quality in any way.
Thank you for clarifying.
I have an open plan living-dining room, and my Play 1 is currently mounted to the wall in the dining room. In terms of sound quality etc, would it 'work' to have a Play 5 in the living room, or should the speakers be further apart?
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I'm not sure to be honest. I have a Play:5 (with turntable connected) in a bedroom and a Playbar, 2 x Play:1's and a Sub in the lounge as a 5.1 setup. I sometimes have them both playing some Spotify tunes but the distance, and walls, between them mean both are pretty much independent of each other. I'm not sure if both a Play:1 and Play:5 in such close proximity would have any lag which may cause an echo effect? Maybe another member of this forum has a similar setup and be in a better position to advise?
There will be no lag between the two, but they both will be playing the same content, unlike a stereo pair where each unit plays a separate stereo channel. You can certainly set them up that way, and you can choose to play the turntable source on one, the other, or both at the same time. That's the beauty of multi-room.
In your place, grouping the two and playing them would work without any trouble. The 5 sounds richer and better than the 1, and cannot be stereo paired with it, but neither speaker will stick out playing in a group because they share a similar sound signature. There will be no lag or echo effect; you just want to be sure they are not pointing directly at each other because that can result in sound wave cancellation at times.
Thank you everyone.
AtterKing mentioned about buying a 1st Gen Play 5, is there much difference between the 1st Gen Play 5 and the current Gen?
Thank you everyone.
AtterKing mentioned about buying a 1st Gen Play 5, is there much difference between the 1st Gen Play 5 and the current Gen?

Big difference. The current model is in another league sound wise and it has the new touchpad controls, better WiFi, and internal Trueplay microphones (not currently active, but there for future use).
IMO they should have called the later model 'PLAY:6'.

PLAY:5 Gen1 - 5 amps/drivers (woofer, 2*mid, 2*tweeter), rear-ported reflex cabinet, headphone outlet
PLAY:5 Gen2 - 6 amps/drivers (3*mid/woofer, 3*tweeter in an array), sealed cabinet, 2 microphones (not yet used), touchpad

But that hardware inventory is only part of the story. The Gen2 is a genuine 'HiFi' speaker, with excellent clarity and a bass capability that defies the size of the enclosure.