Need Help with Wireless setup

  • 5 November 2016
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Hi guys - I ve been using Sonos for a long time. Things were fine here - 2 Play 1s 2 play 5s and a Connect. The play 1s and 5s were working fine 2 floors up from the router by wireless. There is an access point up there and good wifi signal.

I changed routers and re-did the wireless setup . Plugged in the units to the new router and they worked fine....then did wireless setup . Once they are disconnected and brought back up stairs, I keep getting a "sorry we cant connect to sonos" message on my controller. If I leave a unit plugged into the router, my controller works fine and I can see and control the other units . As soon as I unplug, I get nothing. ( I dont want to leave the unit plugged in to the router and I've never had this happen before ). Can anybody help ?

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3 replies

1/ Have you rebooted or reconnected every device on the network? This is essential after a router replacement.

2/ Is the controller device on the 5GHz WiFi band? A good many routers will prevent multicasts from being forwarded between the two bands, stopping a controller on 5GHz discovering players on the 2.4GHz band.
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1 - I have not rebooted all because the last time I switched routers I didnt have to . Do you think failing to reboot ALL devices will prevent me from using ANY device ? I will give it a go. Question on I have to reboot all other devices before disconnecting the original player from the router ?

2 - This question is a bit over my head. The controlled device is my phone, which is connected to the same network that the devices were I thought .....maybe I'm missing something with the bandwidth ? Can you dumb it down a bit for me ?

many thanks for the reply.
You were lucky when you last changed routers. The router is the 'boss' of the network, assigning local IP address information. Each device must have a unique local address, and be told how to connect out to the internet. A device which has address info from the old 'boss' could run into trouble with the new 'boss'. To obtain fresh address info a device must either be disconnected/reconnected or simply restarted.

Modern routers are 'dual band'. They operate on two different radio frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Sonos will only connect to the 2.4GHz frequency. If your phone has attached itself to the 5GHz frequency band it could be unable to locate the Sonos units. Some routers give the two bands different network IDs -- in which case it's easy to see where the phone is connected, and to direct it accordingly. However some routers give the two bands the same ID, which can be unhelpful. What router is it?

By the way, what model is the access point, and how is it connected back to the router? Were the PLAY units originally connected to the access point's WiFi?