My sonos ZP90 Stopped working

I have a Sonos Zp90 player that has worked fine until recently with external speakers (Audioengine).  Nothing new changed.  It just plays intermittently, and is so incredibly annoying.    Anyone else experiencing it?   I think if I ask Sonos they’re just going to try to get me to upgrade to a better system.   I like my speakers just fine and I’d like to hang on to them.   Does anyone know how to fix this?  Thanks in advance!

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You sure its not simple wireless interference?

ZP90s are not between six and 13 years old, so electronic failure is not entirely unexpected. There are several threads describing attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) in fixing failed hardware, but I don’t recall intermittent type failures: its always total and sudden death. Good luck.

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With wifi interference you can never be sure nothing has really changed. Something as simple as your neighbours changing routers can cause problems on your side.