Music cuts off, volume goes down, orange light flashes

When playing any song after approximately 20 seconds the sound cuts out although the time line of the song keeps moving and my sonos amp starts flashing orange. If I press the unmute button on the player the sound comes back on but as soon as I put the volume back up the same thing happens again.

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Hello Vince,

The CONNECT:AMP is going into a fault mode, likely due to a short on the speaker line, or the speakers trying to draw too much energy from the amplifier. To confirm that there isn't a problem with the unit itself, please unplug the speakers from the back of the CONNECT:AMP, restart it by unplugging the unit and plugging it back in, then play some music to it at full volume. If the CONNECT:AMP doesn't go to that flashing light combination than it's a problem along the speaker line.

Please make sure that the two speaker wires aren't touching anywhere along the run. Also, the CONNECT:AMP needs to run only one pair of 4 ohm speakers, or two pairs of 8 ohm speakers.



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