Multiple Connects for one NAS Drive?

  • 19 January 2017
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Hi all I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have an existing Sonos setup in my house that works great. I am doing some renovations which will include bringing video outside (already have Zone2 audio outside) and wanted to get the board’s ideas on the best way to accomplish what my new goals are.

My current setup:
I have a Play:3, a Connect, and a NAS Drive (WD MyCloud). The Connect is hardwired to both my AVR (Toslink) and my WiFi Router (Cat5). Setup currently works great – I can play over my wired 7.1 system through the Connect and AVR or play to the front room via wireless to the Play:3. Or even better…both at same time  Obviously the NAS drive is accessible through both the AVR/Connect and the Play:3. I also have current patio speakers through Zone2 and can listen to Sonos outside with no problems through Connect and AVR/Zone2.

What I want to do:
I will be brining video outside to the patio for the first time. Which throws a potential wrench in to how I listen to Sonos outside. There are a few options I am considering. One is simple - just get a new “main” AVR and run Zone2 video outside and keep my Zone2 audio going with no changes. Ie stick with one AVR and Zone2 setup for both audio and video. Pretty straightforward – keep one AVR and one Connect and use Zone2 for Sonos outside.

I am also considering a different route with getting a cheap AVR to place outside along with a Direct TV wireless Genie to bring more TV options outside than just what is playing in the main zone. If I do this – introduce a second AVR – I would likely cut Zone2 from the main AVR and have the second AVR power all audio and video outside. My question is how can I still play Sonos outside at this point?

Can I get a second Connect unit and hardwire direct to my second AVR (second Connect would not be hardwired to a WiFi router)? I think if I did this I would be able to access Pandora/XM/Spotify etc via Sonos outside from the second Connect through the second AVR. But If I do this will I be able to access the NAS drive with the second Connect/second AVR? Wifi coverage is such that where I place the second AVR/second Connect outside there will be plenty of signal strength.

I guess, in short, I am asking if two Connects connected to two AVRs can access the same NAS drive. With only one Connect being hardwired to the WiFi router.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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3 replies

Sure two Connects can access the same NAS. Every Sonos device on your network can and do access the same library, wherever it is stored.
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A connect is just another player that has audio out instead of built in speakers. Before the Play units were created the only options were Connects and Connect:Amps. Back then they had different names though. Only one Sonos unit needs to be wired for SonosNet mode and all others will connect via the wireless mesh. This is the preferred option to using the standard wifi mode.
Thank you both for the quick replies! I think I am going to go the two AVR/two Connect model as it will give me more flexibility for future changes. Also since the Zone2 wires would likely have spanned distance and been buried underneath newly added stucco it will protect me in the event something had gone wrong there.

Thanks again!