Mono Speaker output instead of Stereo Speaker output

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First of all, I'd like to congratulate Sonos on an amazing launch of their product. I have been VERY happy with not only the ZP bundle I bought, but the customer service which has been second to none. I have had several technical questions, some of which were only casually related to the product, and they have all been answered in a very professional and helpful way. I will shortly be purchasing 14 of these ZPs for every room in my house (including the laundry room and the garage)!

So, on to my question:

I have one zone in my house that only has a single speaker. What is the best way for me to combine both the left and right speaker outputs for that room? Is there a way to do it effectively with just the ZP or am I going to need to connect another device between the ZP and my single speaker?

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Speakers are available that have connections for both channels. Each channel has it's own voicecoil. The resulting output is MONO.

Also avalable are transformers that combine two inputs to a single output.

It is possible to use two resistors to combine the channels, I don't recommend this technique. Done ineptly this can create a fire hazard and it never sounds quite as good as the above.

While some amplifiers might tolerate their channels being connected in series or parallel, assume the amplifier will be destroyed if either of these connections is attempted --- unless the owner's says this is OK (in big print).
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Can anyone give an example of such a stereo to mono transformer, please ?
Search for these online. They are not a popular item, so they are not heavily stocked:



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