Loss of low end when linking 2 gen2 play 5s

  • 15 January 2017
  • 3 replies

A single gen2 play 5 seems to have more punch and clarity of bass than when I link two of them in a stereo pair

I'm sure it's to do with phasing and speaker placement (they are about 4m apart at the moment and to be honest I haven't fiddled round with that) - but equally I kind of assumed true play would sort that, but this happens before and after true play

Anyone else had this?

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3 replies

Audio is very subjective and depends on many local factors. Not something i have detected in my setup.
Move the speakers so they're next to one another. Stand them vertically. Unpair them and group them instead. Play music, alternately muting and un-muting one of the speakers. If there's less bass when both are playing then something's wrong and you should contact Sonos Support. It would suggest that a bass drive unit could have been wired incorrectly.
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I have not experienced this with my setup. It could be a phasing issue. Try changing the distance between your speakers.