Looking to connect my current home set up, wired speakers already in place.

  • 11 November 2016
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I have a home already wired with sets of speakers in 6 separate rooms and another set outdoors for my deck. Each set has a separate volume control and a switch to alternate between 2 different sources. Additionally I have a separate garage with wired speakers.
I run the speakers with 2 separate amps and can then listen to different sounds in each room. One of the amplifiers used to receive input from my Bose surround sound system as it had AV outputs I could connect to the amp. This allowed me to listen to the TV audio anywhere in the home and without any delay. The sound system died and the new ones don't have this so was looking to change everything and am looking at the Sonos to replace it.
So questions I have:
1. If I change to the Sonos system as my family room surround system can I connect this also to the amp to hear sound in other rooms?
2. Can I connect the amp to a Sonos setup to somehow send the sound being played such as a cd or album to some type of wireless connection so the sound will play in the separate garage?
3. Which products would I need to make this type of change?
Thanks for any help and previous experience you can offer.

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Let's start with the input into your amp that feeds the house. A Sonos connect can feed that and allows you then to feed anything Sonos into the system. If you have a playbar system in a room the connect can send that into the rest of your system too (with about 50ms delay which will give you very slight other room echo)