Line-In not showing up on Sonos S2 App.

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App: Sonos 2 on Andriod

Line in: Play 5 (gen 2)

I have play 5 gen 2 as part of cinema setting paired with another play 5, playbar, and a sub. I can’t see a Line In option in the Source menu on the app either when having the line-lin cable plugged in. The other end is plugged into my desktop PC.


Anyone else is experiencing this issue?



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When a speaker is set up as a surround speaker, any line in on it is turned off, due to the nature off the relationship between it as a slave speaker, and the sound bar as the master speaker. It has always been this way, it is not new. 

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When a speaker is set up as a surround speaker, any line in on it is turned off, due to the nature off the relationship between it as a slave speaker, and the sound bar as the master speaker. It has always been this way, it is not new. 

Sorry, but I must be misunderstanding.  Are you saying that if I use my new Fives as surround sound I cannot use them to play Vinyl?  How does that make sense?

I must be misunderstanding because I cannot see a reality where I need to have two different rooms setups to be able to play Vinyl and they will not all play in unison. 

Can someone help me with this because I’m having the same problem?  I cannot get the Line-In to show up on my app. It works when I remove the Fives from my Living Room setup but then I can’t get them to play Vinyl all at the same time. And then the Fives won’t play my TV….

To note, I have two Fives (2nd Gen), one Arc, and one Sub.


As indicated, when used as surrounds, the line in option on the PLAY:5 is turned off. In order to use the PLAY:5s line in, it can not be set up as a surround speaker. 

Similarly, when a Sonos Amp,mor even previously the CONNECT:AMP was set up to drive surround speakers, the line in was turned off on them as well. 

I presume this is due to the nature of the signal connection between the ‘front’ and surround speakers. But I don’t know that for a fact, I just know that the line in is turned off on a surround device. 

So are you able to answer this: Can I play Vinyl utilizing the speaker combination I have (two Fives (2nd Gen), one Arc, and one Sub) with all working in unison?

And if the answer to this is no, then I dumbfounded because I bought all of this for that exact purpose in addition to playing my TV and phone.  The idea with Sonos is that everything connects and plays together..

As long as the two PLAY:5s are not bonded to the Arc as surround speakers, yes, you can. As soon as any Sonos device is bonded/set up as a surround speaker, the line in, and for that matter, the subwoofer output, if there is one, is turned off. It’s always been this way, this is not a new situation. 

I’m really disappointed after realising I can’t play vinyls in my Sonos Arc, Five + sub setup :/

Sonos please find a way to fix this! 

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You can play vinyls with an Arc,Five & Sub set up. But you have to make the connection to the turntable via a Port. (Or a late model Connect, with date code 1502 or later).

I am using a 1602 dated Connect with the S2 to play vinyl through my Arc, Five & Sub set up. It works perfectly.

Ok, I have the Amp, Beam, Sub, and two non-Sonos in-ceiling surround speakers. Line-In isn’t showing up in the S2 app as an option. If I’m tracking the conversation, I won’t be able to use my turntable on my system because it requires a Line-In connection, is that correct? Unless I disconnect my rear surrounds I guess.

Because the Amp is bonded as a driver for surround speakers, the line in is turned off. So you’re correct, if you unbond it as surround speakers, the line in would then become available to you. 

Thanks for the reply. I disconnected my surrounds and got the line-in to work. 


I actually discovered that even when I unpair the surrounds, the audio (line-in or the TV) still flows through the Amp to the rear surround speakers if I keep them plugged in. The issue is that it doesn’t play the surround audio, it simply mirrors the audio coming out of the Beam. And the volume is controlled only in the app, not via the normal TV sound. It’s better than rendering them completely useless I suppose, especially for music. But definitely a sh** Sonos miss.


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That’s just the standard ‘grouping’ mechanism. And there should be a 75ms delay between the ‘room’ that is playing the TV input, and any grouped room, as the Sonos buffers the sound so it can be played in sync across all the connected rooms. 

Surely a line-in would be treated the same as the input from the TV.

No need to ungroup/stuff around with speakers.

So many articles out there state that you get a pair of 5’s and then hook up your turntable, but hmm you cant use them for anything else - i.e. enjoying a great movie - without reconfiguring your system.

No, they’re different beasts. A normal line in is analog, and is expected to be streamed in sync across multiple ‘rooms’, so Sonos takes the time to both digitize, and buffer, the sound so it can be synchronized on a 2.4Ghz network signal in up to 32 rooms.

A TV input is digital, and is expected to play within the one Home Theater room only. As there is a need to worry about lipsync with the video, Sonos gives up that buffering for other rooms, and uses a lower latency, but shorter distance, 5Ghz signal for the extra surround and subwoofer speakers. But when you send that signal from the Home Theater room to play in any/all other ‘rooms, the signal has to enter the normal buffering process, so you then get the delay.