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Hi, I have a ZP90 that occasionally recognises when a cable is connected to its 'In' terminals but mostly does not. Even when the line-in is recognised it will soon (hours or days) disappear.

I've tried a different cable and that does not help. Has anyone else suffered this problem and, more importantly, does anyone have any suggestions regarding how it might be fixed (other than by buying an new unit that is.....)??

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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the community. We can check it out for you and see what might be going on with the ZP90. Mind replying with a diagnostic number so we can take a look? Directions here:

Once you have the confirmation number, reply back here with the number.
Thanks Kate: confirmation no. 7412237
I'm having a similar issue where no line-in's are being detected. I've submitted a support diagnostic ticket - 7793883
Hi Ganda, don't hold your breath, I never got a reply and I'm still struggling on with no line-in
Apologies for the delayed response, jimbert. We'd like to have you speak directly with a technician regarding your issue. We've set up a ticket for you ahead of time, reference number 170926-002319, please give us a call via the information at this link, and the team will get you squared away.

Hi Ganda, thanks for submitting the diagnostic. Which player is having problems? Both the Upper Deck and Patio are showing no line in detected on the report.

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