Kudos Sonos! Just what I was looking for.

  • 19 November 2005
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First of all, great job guys! I just got the system delivered yesterday and was up and running in about an hour. Easy install, good instructions, great user interface on the Controller and the software. Also, solid construction and great quality.

From a product-guy's point of view, you hit the nail on the head with this product. As with any product, there's always opportunity to improve and add features (lots of good suggestions in this forum), but overall I'd say you guys hit a home run.

We wanted music for the gym, but we wanted a system that was expandable, wasn't difficult to install (no wiring or touch pads to install), didn't need a bunch of added components to make the system work (separate tuners, etc.), and we wanted it all at a reasonable price (asking too much?).

I gotta say, we got all that we were looking for and more with your product.

Bought the 2 room bundle with loudspeakers (yesterday) and about ready to go buy another Zone Player and Controller (so I don't have to fight my wife for it).

Thanks Sonos. Keep up the good work!

2 replies

And another one from me.

Also got my system yesterday, and I am impressed with the build quality and the smooth interaction of the different components. My girlfriend has spent the afternoon looking for internet radio stations, so the WAF couldn't be better.

Had a little trouble with updating on of the boxes, but on 3rd try got it right. Maybe it was the wireless connection.

It doesn't sound as good as a digital source hooked up to my DPA DAC, NAD amp and B&W speakers, so I am glad I kept one room Sonos free so that I can buy the second generation player with digital out as soon as it comes out.;)
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Have to say had system for a week now and absolute best Electronic device I have ever bought bar none.

Fantastic. Some one has at last made something that is just what us users actually need and WANT.

I have noted minor grumbles about Real Audio etc but I am sure support will follow.