"Jukebox" Mode

I have a number of clients that have installed Sonos in their bars/restaurants. A lot of them wanted us to recess an iPad into a wall (using Sonance mounts) and use the Rhapsody service exactly like a jukebox.

The only issue is that the customers would constantly override the existing song by selecting "Play Now". Would you consider adding a "jukebox" setting that would only allow the user to "Add to Queue"?

The "Play Now" feature is also an issue at my house when there is a party. Most people do not have the patience to listen to a song picked by another individual. I would love to be able to lock down this behaviour.

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+1 from me

Havent actually been an issue for me yet, but i can definatly see the pro's and con's with this feature.

Regards Ole
me too!


+1 from me
The title is probably a little too limiting. What I really am requesting is "Access Control". I think it could be kept pretty simple by just adding a "admin" and "other" grouping.

It would be a too cumbersome to have users log in to determine their privileges but a "admin mode" in the settings would be nice. This could also incorporate the functionality to give access to only certain zones which is another topic on this "Sound Ideas" forum.

The jukebox feature would be a byproduct of that.
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The controllers are all well and good, but what I'd really like is a large-button front end to use with touch screens.
In the past I've had some freeware jukebox software that plays my music from the PC. The downside of this is that there is only one input - one jukebox screen. The first advantage with Sonos is that it can work well with different people adding to the same queue.
The jukebox doesn't need options for zones or linking zones, just a way to display album covers and scroll through them, probably with power scroll also. A display of the tracks on the album and the queue.

It could probably fairly easily be an add-on to the desktop software or be done by an enterprising programmer.

Any thoughts?
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I've got 3 Sonos controllers + an iPad floating around... it would be nice to have this as a selectable function for parties etc.
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Definitely love the idea.

But one issue that you might encounter is abuse. Someone playing 45 tracks in a row or playing the same song over and over.

I would make the suggestion to offer more access features as well - how many songs can a client request? request delays? things of that nature.
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I posted this last year and nobody was interested. Glad to see some supporters now. This is also really useful for parties where inevitably a guest will always hit "play now" instead of adding to the queue.
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Along with locking out the "Play Now" and "Play Next" features, it would be nice to add volume locks both on the mobile and desktop Controllers as well as on the Sonos devices themselves.

It would be nice to be able to limit the volume or disable changing the volume entirely on each device.

Without these features, it can be difficult to use Sonos during parties as there are always a few people who can not quite comprehend that my neighbors can only stand so much loud music after midnight.
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I would also like to see this jukebox feature.
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Until I installed SONOS, I used a PC program called Silverjuke running on a diskless PC with a USB drive with all my music.
This had a very nice "Kiosk" mode for parties, that
- only allowed "add to queue"
- would not add the same track twice
- could be configured to not play tracks form the same artist consecutively (stops someone loading up all of James Blunt :-))
- dropped tracks off the queue once played.

So it worked just like a barroom Jukebox. Everyone seems to intuitively understand how it works.

So if you get a chance, I'd be very keen to see that mode, and even pay something for it.
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the other feature of Silverjuke is that it remembers what has been played, and if nothing is queue will pick a popular song and play it after a programmable quiet time. So if you're too busy as the host to buidl the queue (or you've hidden the controller), you still get music.
Any queued track interrupts and plays immediately.
I'm sure that commercial Jukeboxes in bars have a similar feature.

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I'm not too concerned about my friends enqueuing the complete works of Meshugga, but should someone do that it would have been in place to have an adjustable volume limit, especially if the song before that was composed by Éric Satie :D

It could definitely be implemented as a third-party application, but that would then be a topic for the Unsupported section of the forum and it wouldn't be available on the CR200 either.
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Access Control with Groups permissions and users is a VERY wanted feature as it would solve so much things if it is solved.

Yes the party/jukebox mode is very wanted.

Also for locking down functionality and playlists for Children. It would be great to just give my Children some playlists and only controling volume on some speakers/rooms etc.
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reminds me back when I had squeezebox I used iPeng as the interface and they had an Iphone app called iPeng Party which was the limited version.

Another thing the iPeng Party limited version did was also not allow volume control by the person adding songs.
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Exactly what I'm looking for with a great cross sell to get more customers for Sonos. I would love to have the party manage the music. However they always do something stupid, exit out, play next, go on facebook, etc... I want to be able to display it just like a jukebox, mount a touch screen/ipad and go.

Once others start using it the more they want Sonos...
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While you can't currently lock out options. You can lock iPad or iphone to the app. Use the guided access option and you can lock the unit to the sonos program when needed.
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Has there been any more talk about adding a Jukebox option? I have used TouchTone Audio for the longest time for any party I had, and it worked great. The only limitation is that it has control from one interface, and only plays in one location. I could lock the interface down to "party mode" and set permissions as to what users could do and see too. Stopped users from jumping their song to first, controlling the volume, etc. I would LOVE to see something like that one Sonos, and I would even pay extra if it were some sort of add on.
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Haven't seen a thing - I was hoping for it with the new interface ... but no such luck!

Especially as it seems it would be a pretty quick fix (a menu option for party mode that would lock out several options for playback).
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A huge +1 from me

This would be brilliant in the home (parties etc), but it's very odd that Sonos have not looked into this from a commercial angle - ie if I owned a bar/cafe I would be all over a Sonos touchscreen jukebox. Or perhaps they are looking into it (?)
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I'm assuming by the lack of posts in this thread that the "jukebox" option hasn't gained any momentum? I thought there may have been an update, but I guess not.
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I've purchased a few more Players, but this hasn't moved forward at all. It appears as though I will have to start looking for some other options. Jukebox and/or Intercom are the two things I have been keeping an eye on. Neither of them have gained any headway.
Jukebox-mode is all I miss on my Sonos-system
Where's the JUKEBOX mode, SONOS?