Joining a Personal Hotspot Wifi

  • 23 July 2019
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I unplugged my home router. I put up a personal hotspot using another phone. This hotspot is named the same as my home network and I also used the exact same password.

My phone connected to the hotspot as a wifi connection no problem; however, my Sonos Amp did not.

So I went to the Sonos app on my phone while on the hotspot wifi and tried to add the Sonos Amp (as per the item in the app about how maybe my wifi/router settings may have changed).
Now here's the interesting thing, when it asks me to press the Connect button on the back of the Amp, the app immediately acts as if it finds the Amp and even shows it's MAC address in the app. But then when it starts to configure and set it up it eventually just errors out every time.

So I also tried naming the personal hotspot put up by the other phone to another name than my home wifi, but then I couldn't even get the Sonos app to recognize the Amp when I press it's Connect button.

So I'm thinking it is somehow on the personal hotspot network, but yet it's not.
Is it just a matter of leaving the hotspot on with my home router shutoff for a longer period of time and it will eventually connect to it?
Or, maybe somehow Sonos cannot connect to wifi hotspots (albeit, not sure how it would know the difference)?

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1 reply

Ok well looks like it finally just worked. It did it on it's own after trying again for the 3rd time (total times tried about 10).

Very flaky, so I hope it works when I transport this experiment where there really is no real wifi at the cottage.

Will be testing it a few times this week to see if it holds.

Why doesn't it just work the first time? Why does it need to be on the 10th?