Is CONNECT the best choice for my setup?

  • 18 August 2017
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I currently have a few Sonos speakers throughout the house (PLAY1, PLAY3, PLAY5) and really enjoy them. I have an older 7.1 Surround Sound Home Theater system that works just fine for our needs, so I don't want to completely replace it yet, but I would like to add SONOS capabilities to it and pair it to our other speakers when we would like. I've included a link below to the system we have. If I understand correctly, would simply purchasing the SONOS:CONNECT Receiver be what we need to accomplish our goal here? The existing system has a receiver, so my understanding is that I would not need the SONOS:CONNECT AMP for this purpose. Just wanted to make sure!

Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

The link you provided doesn't show the back of the controller of that 7.1 system, so let me be a bit overly verbose.

Yes, a Connect will work, assuming that the 7.1 system has a pair of RCA inputs that are available. Note that it will only be stereo coming in from the Connect, and not anything more than that.

Those 7.1 speakers would be in sync with anything that you stream from the Connect (technically from the Sonos ecosystem). Be forewarned, this is not the same as the other way. If you're playing something on the 7.1 system, and feeding it in to the connect, there's a ~70ms delay that is imposed by Sonos to do several things. There's no way around that input delay, so the Sonos speakers would be out of sync with the 7.1 system's speakers. As long as the Sonos system is the source, you're fine, but as soon as you start pushing in to the Sonos system from your 7.1 system, you'll have a delay.

The Connect: Amp would only be necessary if you didn't have anything powering the other speakers.
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You probably also have the choice of using the optical digital output from the Connect, which is likely to be preferable. The manual for your system indicates that it has a single optical input as well as a single analog RCA input. These are 6 and 10 in the diagram below.