IR Remote Mute Button Switches Source

  • 11 May 2020
  • 8 replies

I’ve just added a Sonos Amp, connected to my TV, and set it up to recognise a simple four-button IR remote. All seems to work as expected - volume up, down and mute. However, if the Amp is playing a stream that is paused, and the TV is on, hitting the mute button on the remote switches the Amp source (and obviously any grouped speakers) to the TV. Anyone know if this is a design feature? I find it annoying. TV autoplay and ungroup on autoplay are both turned off, as that’s how I prefer it.

8 replies

Hi @Treacle Bob. Thanks for the post. 

To gather a little more information about this issue, are you using the optical adapter for the Amp or the HDMI? If the HDMI, the issue may be related with the control relaying to the ARC which takes priority if the TV tells Sonos to start playback.

Hi @Adam S. Thanks for the reply.

I’m using the optical adapter. Although my TV has HDMI ARC, it seems to have a poor implementation of HDMI, and the Sonos Amp doesn’t always connect properly. I’m pretty sure this is the TV’s fault, as I’ve had problems with other HDMI devices in the past.


Thanks for the clarification @Treacle Bob.

It does seem like the IR command is triggering the TV’s source. When Sonos sees that the source is being activated, it may trigger the playback as the remote was only intended to be used for the TV controls and not Sonos music controls. You can always test further by trying to pair another remote to see if the results are the same. Sonos can use the IR triggers from any universal IR remote;

Hi @Adam S.

The remote I’m using for the Sonos Amp is different to the TV remote.


What’s the make/model of the remote?

It’s a Bose Solo, part number 350742-0010.


Thanks for the information. I was able to fine it. Seems like a standard IR remote which should work fine with the Sonos IR capabilities. 

Would you be able to provide me with a diagnostic report of the Sonos system? By replying to this post with a confirmation number, I would be able to take a look to see how the Amp is being triggered.

Hi @Adam S. Thanks for looking at this.

I’ve sent a diagnostic report 632893640. I triggered the problem at 09.43 UTC on May 31, if that helps you.