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  • 1 January 2017
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I'm trying to download music from iTunes on Sonos on my home network but it won't let me connect to it...I use the system at our store and wanted to add music but not have to stay there to download everything there...anyone have a clue?

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3 replies

Message says - You're on the xxx network but Sonos isn't. Go to Setting, WiFi and change to the network sonos is on. But the network its on is at the store! Isn't it only able to play on one network?
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You don't exactly download music with the Sonos App. You use the app to tell the Sonos devices where to get the music you want them to play. When you launch the Sonos app it is looking for Sonos devices to control that are on the network.

I presume the system at your store has added a "service" that allows the Sonos devices to connect to an iTunes library, or to Apple Music directly...

If you want that music audio locally - say, on your iphone - you need to use iTunes/apple music to download it using the same account the Sonos system is using... not the Sonos app. The Sonos app doesn't provide access to music - it simply allows control of the devices to play the music you have access to.

If the account isn't "yours", but belongs to someone else at the store, while you are connected to the Sonos System there, and that system has access to the account details, you can tell the Sonos devices, using the Sonos app, to go get music using the credentials *they* know, but the music isn't stored in the Sonos app or on your device, so you can't bring it with you anywhere...

Hope that helps.
Ok, think that makes sense! appreciate it...