Integration of third part sound bars (Boston Acoustics or Samsung)

  • 5 January 2017
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I have recently joined the community of very pleased Sonos customers. I bought 4 Play 1s and a Bridge around the Thanksgiving weekend. I had it all up and running in less than 30 minutes. For the first time I experienced music on our first floor no matter what room I was in. I quickly ordered 3 Play 3s and 4 more Play 1s. My Bride and I are both in agreement it is amazing and so relaxing in our home. About 30 minutes before bedtime we shut down all technology except Sonos and I switch to a classical music station and our children calm down and smoothly go to bed. In the morning we turn on music that gets our little blessings up and moving It is great.

My question that I want to ask is, I have 3 sound bar subwoofer set ups for our 3 large televisions (Master bedroom, Family room, Basement/Rec Room) Is there anyway for them to be connected with the Sonos system and still be connected to the TVs. I connect them all with a fiber optic to their TV. The 2 Boston Acoustic systems have subwoofers that connect wirelessly to their sound bar and the Samsung subwoofer connects via cable to the sound bar. The BAs are approximately 4 years old and the Samsung is about 3 years old.

I am looking for the most cost affective way to get the remaining square footage of our home connected. As you can see I have already dropped some coin on my current system. I would like to utilize what I already have. I bought all of my speakers during the Sonos sale and that is no longer going on. If it was I would probably buy 3-6 more Play 1s and 3-4 more Play 3s. The sale was a great thing.

Thank you,
One very pleased customer.

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1 reply

Do your sound bars have connections where you could incorporate a Sonos Connect? I have often wondered why people who don't like the lack of DTS in the Sonos video product don't simply buy a sound bar that does what they want and then utilize a Connect to add Sonos audio.