Inexpensive method to connect a turntable to an existing Sonos system - solved!

  • 13 January 2022
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Thanks to advice in this community and others on the internet, I was able to easily connect my turntable (Fluance RT-80 with built-in pre-amp) to my existing Sonos home theatre system for an all-wireless solution.

My Sonos system consists of a Playbar, two One speakers, and a Sub.  None of these have a line-in or RCA inputs for sound from the turntable.  Sonos states there are three solutions on its “How To Listen to Vinyl With Sonos” blog: you need a FiveAmp, or Port.  Each of these solutions is several hundred dollars - more than I wanted to spend.

However, this ignores the Roam.  The small Bluetooth portable speaker is inexpensive (one-third the cost of a Five).  If I had a Bluetooth turntable, the Roam would have been all I needed.  However, my turntable does not have Bluetooth, so I needed to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter and a Stereo Mini to RCA Y-Audio Cable.  I chose the 1Mii ML301 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver, an inexpensive, elegant, compact, rechargeable (USB-C charging port) device.

Once I had everything home, I had my turntable playing tunes through my Sonos system within minutes.  I am sure that as I am using Bluetooth there is a sacrifice to be made in terms of audio quality.  But it all sounds good to me, and I already have infinite high fidelity selections available from my digital sources.

I actually have my turntable and Roam in a different room from the Sonos home theatre system, and am able to connect the sound from the Roam to the home theatre system.  Note that when doing this, the Roam and home theatre system must be linked together and therefore both are playing from the turntable.

As an added bonus, I now have a portable speaker to take with me when in the backyard, to the cottage, or when travelling.

I wish Sonos had made it easier for me to discover this solution. 

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