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AMP feature requests

2 things highly demanded feature requests re. AMP: 1. To have the TV setting have its own volume setting - you rarely have the same preferred volume level for music and tv.. but it's not exactly plea...

Sonos Amp with Bowers and Wilkins 685 S2, my Sonos Play Ones sounding as good?

So I have a Sonos amp with BW 685 S2 bookshelf speakers. I’m finding the other speakers in my Sonos group, play ones and 1s, in stereo pair are sounding full and sometimes better than the 685s. Now,...

connect amp error

My connect amp does not show any lights on the front. Rapid flashing green and yellow on the back of the amp. I verified that there is power to the unit. Thoughts? One of 3 zones, other 2 work.

SONOS:AMP with third party subwoofer

Hi, I have the new Sonos AMP and I would like to know if I can use any third party sub?

Problems connecting TRNTBL to SONOS temporary network

My Sonos Play:1 speaker recently stopped being a discoverable device for my Bluetooth turntable. I have follow several troubleshooting steps to try to solve the issue but so far none have worked. When...

Turntable turns on TV with new Sonos Amp

My new Sonos Amp is hooked up to a Sony TV through the HDMI Arc cable and an Apple TV 4K is hooked up with HDMI also to the TV. My turntable is connected to the line in port and works great. My proble...


Is there a new smaller sub woofer coming out this year?

Playbar drops sound from TV intermittently

My Playbar is connected to my Panasonic TV with an optical cable and has worked perfectly like this for the past 4 years. Just this week it has started to intermittently drop sound. Any ideas what mig...

Connect Amp with turntable

Hello, I have recently purchase the sonance and sonos outdoor system. I have plugged my turntable into the connect amp and then hooked the sonance speakers up to the amp. When I start to play a recor...

ceiling speakers not working (connected to amp)

Hi all We installed a Sonus sytem when we built our house 6 years ago. Installed ceiling speakers in 5 rooms (incl outdoor), hardwired to an amplifier Recently, 2 of the 5 rooms will not play music. T...

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

As a long time Sonos user am quite disappointed. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-sonos-amp.6957/

One SUB for Two Rooms

Customer suggested adding the ability to bond a SUB with 2 different Sonos devices.

Sonos new AMP. Mix old speakers with Sonos Ones, possible?

Hello all, I tried searching within the community before asking but didn't not find what I was looking for. I would like to mix and match, old set of speakers/sub with new Sonos Ones to create a...

New Sonos Amp in white - please

As it looks the new AMP will only be available in black. This makes me very disappointed as I would have loved to commission my old (white) Connect Amp installed in my kitchen and have it replaced wit...

Sonos Amp Wiring

I am planning on hooking up four 8 ohm speakers in parallel. My question is how exactly do you wire those in at the back of the amp? Do you use a bi-amp wire or just shove two wires in each terminal?...

The Verge reviews the new Sonos Amp


Sonos TV

Will Sonos ever make a television or work with a TV company to produce a TV that is Sonos enabled? The TV could connect to all the other speakers wirelessly, it would show in the mobile and desktop...

Portable Speaker?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but does Sonos currently have a portable speaker on the market?One that is rechargeable and weatherproof, so that it can be enjoyed outside?

HDMI ARC with Sonos Amp and Playbar

If you are pairing up a Sonos Amp to run in-ceiling surround speakers with a Playbar, can you use to Amp's HDMI ARC input (from your tv) to control the entire setup? Basically bypassing the optical i...

Just added a Sub.

I just added a Sub to my existing Playbar and two Play:1s. It sounds fantastic! My question is - Since I've added the Sub, have my other speakers been relieved of their low frequency duties? In other...

Sonos Amp with Klipsch Heresy iii

Hi Folks, I was given a Sonos Amp for Christmas and now looking for some speakers. I’ve always liked the look of the Klipsch Heresay iii and wondering how these would go paired with the Sonos Amp? I...

Extremely Low Volume on Speaker

I have a bridge and connect which are both showing as active and setup correctly (I've had my Sonos for 4 years with no issues until now). However, suddenly the volume on my speakers is insufficient...

connectivity problems

Hi all, I have a house of Marley record player, its RCA outputs are going into the inputs on my sonos connect. The sound is coming out go my sonos beam, which is what i want. however the sound is inte...

How to setup Sonos Connect for upgrade to streaming

I have a fairly extensive audio setup and am looking to add support for streaming (as well as have multi room play). My setup: Thiel speakers, B&K preamp, Marantz monoblock amplifiers, Marantz CD pla...

Sonos Amp to drive front left and right speakers

I’m considering connecting the Sonos Amp to the Front Pre Outs of my home cinema receiver to drive the front left and right speakers in a home cinema setup. Will this work?


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