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Does anyone have experience with the new "works with Sonos" certified Receivers?

I am considering being a VSX-933 from Pioneer and hooking it up to my Sonos Connect and grouping it in one (large) room with two play:1's - my current AV-Receiver (Yamaha RX-V473) is 7 years old and i...

Why isn't there a smaller solution to a subwoofer to pair with the Beam?

As an owner of a Sonos 5.1 system w/ Playbase in my family room at home, I just wonder WHY there is not a cheaper and smaller solution than spending $700 on that sub? The price tag really isn't the is...

What to do if amp doesn’t have volume controls

I have got a sonos connect and a Anthem MCA-5 amp buy the amp does seem to have anywhere on it to adjust volume (it is old and heavy) and there is no screen for showing volume. Do I still use variab...

Damaged RCA ports on connect

Hi. I have a connect that the left analogue audio output doesn't work. The right is fine and will play through to both speakers. The left is dead. I can't use the optical output as my Denon set up onl...

Google Mini and Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Hello, How can I link / connect my Google Mini to control my Sono Connect:Amp ? (My mini has no line out). Thanks.


Is there a way I can manipulate the Sonos app so I can use my headphones -- instead of the speakers?

Sonos connect to Samsung Smart TV

How do I connect the Sonos connect directly to Samsung Smart Tv?

Sonos Amp UK release date

Just wondering if there is a confirmed release date for the new Sonos Amp in the UK ? I have been scouring the internet but can't find a definitive answer. I'm looking forward to replacing my current...

Adding Sonos Boost to Existing system

I have just added a Sonos Boost to my existing Sonos system. I added it using the iPad version of the Sonos controller software which was straight forward. Can anyone tell me if that's it? Seems too g...

Sonos Amp with Klipsch Heresy iii

Hi Folks, I was given a Sonos Amp for Christmas and now looking for some speakers. I’ve always liked the look of the Klipsch Heresay iii and wondering how these would go paired with the Sonos Amp? I...

Pioneer receiver + Debut Carbon turntable + Play 5 ??

I'm trying to figure out if the above would work. I have a Pro Ject Debut Carbon DC turntable that does not have a preamp. I had been playing it through my old Pioneer receiver and wired speakers but...

Turntable connections with diagrams

Are there any available diagrams that show options for connecting turntable to the sonos system? What is the preferred method? Why does the playbar not have more inputs? Very discouraging for us t...

Connect Amp

Any way to connect my bose mini soundlink to my connect amp? My bose has a aux input.

I'm bad with terminology, what is better while using my Xbox One x with Sonos Beam?

Hello everyone, So I just recently bought a Sonos Beam. Loving it so far. The Beam is connected to my tv through HDMI Arc and i have no optical cable running from my Xbox One to the sound bar so I thi...

New Amp Analog Bypass?

Hi all, Happy owner of a new Sonos Amp since X-mas! Looking to get a turntable plugged into the Amp. I am curious to know if there is an option for analog bypass on the new Amp? Have the signal fr...

Play: 1 and ZP80/Connect Conflict

I've had a ZP80/Connect for years now. Last year I purchased two Play 1s. Ever since they were purchased if the Play 1 zone is grouped with the ZP80, the ZP80 volume goes in and out (mostly out). If I...

ZP90 Dead or Dying?

Guys we have a long established Sonos network. As part I use a ZP90 (which) is hardwired to the router to drive a B&W zeplalin speaker. This speaker is the least used in the house. In trying to...

New sonos amp with passive playbar

I would love to get rid of my receiver and use the new sonos amp. I already have a sub and a def tech mythos SSA-50 passive soundar that has 5 channels. I enjoy the quality of both. Can I: 1. conne...

Hardwire Sonos Connect to an audio interface.

I want to go from Sonos Connect output to my Audiobox USB 96 audio interface input. How do I do that?

Blown up Connect Amp

I just connected my new Connect Amp to 240 V while the switch was set to 110V (I feel so stupid). I have removed the fuse and ordered a replacement. There is also a yellow disk that is fried which I s...

Sonos One and Audo Technica LP60-BT

Before I purchase another Sonos, does anyone know if a way to connect a device to the Sonos One? The Audio Technica has Bluetooth pairing, but it's not clear how to connect the ONE to anything other...

Current Blue Ray player recommendations

I need help in connecting my blue ray player using the Beam. Not sure my existing player converts to 5.1. What are my options if I need a new one? Most of the ones recommended are no longer available.

Sonos connect / chromecast audio dropouts...

Hello All, Since I was not able to wait for the sonos / google home support. I decided to get a chromecast audio and hook it up to my sonos connect. The setup seems to be right. When I ask google as...

Sonos One cuts out when connected to a Google Home system via chromecast audio

Audio keeps cutting off on Sonos One. It is part of a larger configuration that includes a Sonos Connect with a google chromecast audio module and a Google Home. We have it set up the way you suggest...

Sonos Beam and Surround Sound with ZP90 (amp)

Just bought a new Sonos Beam and was trying to set up surround sounds with a Amp ZP90 However the beam is not compatible with a ZP90 Just a warning to others. Remember Sonos are actively removing o...


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