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Integrating Sonos into existing whole house system

I love the Sonos UI but have been unsure if the system would work with my single zone whole house system. Could someone help me explore this? Current Setup: One zone, whole house (6 room) music...

Kudos Sonos! Just what I was looking for.

First of all, great job guys! I just got the system delivered yesterday and was up and running in about an hour. Easy install, good instructions, great user interface on the Controller and the softwar...

Audiophile Rant

OK. After living with the Sonos system for a while now I have made the following oservations about sound quality: Lossles sounds better. This is evident primarily as a loss of 'air/space' during pla...

line out & speaker out

Can I simultaneously play speakers off the ZP and run RCA cables off the line-out jacks to another amp and set of speakers? Or does it detect one and turn off the other? Can I also do this if I'm pl...

Moving to UK

I may be moving from the US to the UK soon. I see there's a voltage switch on the back of the ZPs--I'm assuming this means that I can use them in the UK simply by flipping the switch and buying a new...

Pricing for ampless ZP

Can you tell me what the US price is going to be for the new ampless ZP that is due out shortly?

Mono Speaker output instead of Stereo Speaker output

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Sonos on an amazing launch of their product. I have been VERY happy with not only the ZP bundle I bought, but the customer service which has been second to none...

Can Sonos control an XM reciever?

I want to have XM radio throughtout my home and am planning to buy a Sonos system. I know I can plug the XM reciever into the Sonos but not sure how I would change the station when I am out of line o...

Wireless headphones

Does anyone have any advice on this subject? Do I need a separate ZP?

External Hard Drive?

Just wondering if it is possible to connect an external USB 2.0 hard drive directly to the primary station? I've read the discussions about using various NAS solutions but was wondering if it would...

Easy integration with existing Home Theater or Stereo PreAmp

I was struggling with how to add the Zone Player to my existing home theater and still have the automation of the Controller for the zone. As everyone knows the ZP can be connected by analog outputs,...

quiet headphone

i have connected some headphones via a stereo jack socket to the rca output and also a switch on the main speakers so i can disconect them while i use the headphones and all works well exept one thing...

Sonos with a multi channel amp

Has anyone tried this or do you see any problems with this set up? I was considering a couple of zone players hooked up to 12 channel amps with wall mounted volume controls in each room. I really on...

Interfacing Sonos w/ exsisting system

I have a typical home stereo set-up - source, amp, and 4 zone speaker selector switch *but only using two zones so far). I want to add more zones to this system without running speaker wires everywhe...

Stacking Zone Players

I have 3 rooms with in-wall/in-ceiling speakers that terminate at a wall plate. Has anyone stacked 2 or 3 Zone Players on top of each other? Any heat problems? Anything I should be worried about...

Why does the first Zoneplayer HAVE to have a wired connection?

Hi, I have been using the Soundbridge connected to Bose Companion speakers for a while which is great but this product is way sexier but... In my family room (where my wireless router is) I already...

Power Consumption of an idle ZonePlayer

Can anyone from Sonos tell us the power consumption of an idle zoneplayer? I assume it's low but I'd like to be sure as I may put a number in a vacation home that I only use a few months/year. Thank...


Started setting up my Starter Pack about 45 minutes ago - it's all done. Super nice 'extras'. My journey to the Sonos system was: PC with PC Speakers Roku SoundBridge JVC RX-D202B – USB Receiver...

using a Linksys or a Belkin Pre-N router...interference?

I'm going to buy a Sonos system in a couple of months after broadband moves to my area and leads me to set up a wireless network. I've been looking at the Linksys WRT54GX and the Belkin F5D8230-4 for...

high-end, high power ZP - the roadmap ?

the concensus among user/posters here seems to be 99%+ enthusistic, not just for the great concept/great execution, but also because "the thing just sounds damn good" However, there seems to be an a...

Max ambient temperature for Zone Player?

I've had the following question out to Support since 9/29/05. I thought I'd give the forum a shot. I would like to locate a couple of Zone Players in my attic. I live in Florida where attic tempera...

Question about volume control

I am planning a 6 zone system. 4 inside and 2 outside. I foresee a need to control the 4 inside zone volumes in party mode (so 4 zone volumes contolled via a "master"). I believe I'm able to do thi...

ampless version, with digital out?

i'm intrigued by your product, but i am wating for the version without a built-in amp as i already have one (several actually) which is (no offense) much better. perhaps more importantly - i'm looking...

Sub Hum

Hi -- I'm a new Sonos user, but I've been lurking for months trying to anticipate problems, etc. Finally got Sonos wired into my main system today, sounds great with FLAC off a NAS. However, I'm hav...

Extra Zone player

I have a extra zone player now that the summer is over.I have taken it out of the pool shed. My question is would I get any benefit of hooking up the extra zone player in the living room to my pair...


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