Independent Separate Zones

  • 10 November 2016
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Hello I am helping a friend set up Sonos in his vacation home. I've set up Sonos many times before (simple), but his particulars are stumping us. Here are the specifics: he has two homes next to each other, and they share an internet connection. Home 1 has the main internet pipe coming in, and then running through a router/firewall (Airport Extreme if it matters). Home 2 has an ethernet cable running from Home 1's Airport Extreme to its own router (Airport Express). Each of the wireless networks use different SSIDs etc, but obviously sharing the same network (and DHCP etc).

What we are trying to do is to create separate system for Home 2, so that if someone is renting it down there, they don't also see the other sonos products on Home 1's network. As it is now, when you join a mobile device to Sonos anywhere in home 1 or 2, you see all 6 sonos products. We'd like Home 2 to see only their zones and Home 1 to see only theirs.

I contend that the only way to do this is via some sort of subnet, or DMZ type of arrangement where Home 2 can't see the Sonos products on Home 1's network. Any thoughts on how to set this up?

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3 replies

I think it will work the way you want if you just set it up as two separate systems, i.e. two different households. I don't think the system cares about where it's getting the data from. You may need to register the second household on a separate email address, I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've gone through that process.

The caveat will be that they won't be able to share some of the streaming systems, i.e. if one house is on Pandora, then the other house can't use the same Pandora account (I'm using Pandora as an example here, it could be any streaming service that only allows one active connection per account.)

And of course, you won't be able to play the same music across all 6 speakers, but it doesn't sound like you want to, anyway.
Assuming the Airport Express is in its default configuration as a router, the two houses will not be sharing a DHCP server. The Express will own its own subnet and DHCP server.

In order to connect out through the Extreme, the Express' subnet will need to use a different network prefix from the Extreme's. I don't recall offhand whether Apple kit detects that a router is cascaded off another and sets its prefix accordingly. If devices on the Express' subnet are connecting out to the internet successfully it must have sorted itself out.

On dividing up the Sonos units, yes, simply set them up as two different households (systems). Factory reset half of them, reset the controller(s) to be used with them, and set everything up as a new system. The same email can be used as for the first system. The second system will have its own unique household ID.
Thanks for the replies, we were able to get it sorted out.