If I "upgrade" what happens to the old ones?

  • 22 October 2021
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What happens to components that are “upgraded”? I notice people are selling them 2nd hand, but is it even possible to connect an upgraded component to a S1-system? I thought they would be rendered useless, as CR100 a few years ago.

Or will they work on every other system but mine since I made the upgrade?

Or will they still work, even on my own system if S1?

There was a long text if I clicked “upgraded” but nothing on this as far as I could tell so I clicked cancel again.


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With the Sonos Upgrade Program, you can use the old Sonos devices with your system just like you always have. You can also send the device back to Sonos or resell, gift, or donate it… basically whatever you want.


From the Upgrade Program FAQ:

Can I keep my product as part of my system?

Yes, you can continue using your product.


Can I send my product back to Sonos?

Yes. Sign in to your account to request a prepaid shipping label.


Can I resell, gift, or donate my product?

Yes. The next registered owner will not be eligible for the Upgrade Program if you have already activated your credit.


Read more about the Upgrade Program here:


Read more about which Sonos devices are compatible with S1 and S2 here:

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OK, nice. So that’s basically a one time voucher attached to the old components.

I was under the imrpession the component needed to be “recylced” to get the voucher so I’m happy to hear that’s not the case.

But is it 15-30% per new component per old? I mean “upgrading” two old components doesn’t increase it to 30-60% for one new component, right?

Also, to be sure; there’s no requirement to upgrade to S2 to add the new component if I would buy a S1 compatible component?


If you read the link, most of those answers are there.


Specifically to your questions, no, it’s one discount per purchase, you can’t add two discounts together to get that mythical 60%. On the other hand, it does apply to bundles, so you could “trade in” a single speaker, and get the discount on a package that contains multiple speakers. So the discount can be larger than just the 15 to 30 % on a newer version of the speaker you’re trading in.

No, if you buy an S1 compatible device, you’re not required to upgrade to S2. As a note, the Sonos One SL (as I recall) will no longer be able to run on S1. Just in case that’s what you were thinking.