I'm wanting to add a turntable but it's rather confusing

  • 18 September 2022
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Hi all, first post in this forum so forgive my general ignorance. 


I currently have a Beam 2 and 2 X Sonos One (gen 2) speaker set up for watching movies. 

I've been considering getting a Bluetooth Turntable like the Sony 310 or the Audio Technica 120XBT...but I've recently discovered that you can't connect either via Bluetooth to my current set up. 

I understand that one way to do it is to buy a Roam, pair it to the Turntable and then add the Roam to your normal speaker group. Is this correct? And will this make a stereo image on the two Sonos Ones I have? Can the roam be turned down and just act like a gateway?

Are there any other more cost effective ways to do it? I saw someone talking on here about a little Bluetooth dongle adapter...but which device would that connect to in my group of Beam and two Ones? I don't understand how that works.

Thanks for any assistance in this matter.



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If you don’t mind the tv needing to be turned on, and if it has a spare HDMI port, you could use a Bluetooth to HDMI adaptor and pair to that? Otherwise the Move will work as you want. 

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@nik9669a As I understand it only the Roam (not the Move) can bring bluetooth sound into the Sonos universe. Am I right?

@Z-U More expensive options would be the use of the Sonos Port of Five that have an RCA connection. You would not need a bluetooth turntable but you would need a preamp or turntable with preamp built in. 

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According to this it’s possible with Roam. But only in Group mode. 

Share Roam’s Bluetooth audio with your Sonos system


While Roam is in Bluetooth mode, it will stay connected to the rest of your Sonos system as long as it’s still within range of your Wi-Fi network. This means that while your Roam is playing Bluetooth audio, you can group it with other Sonos products in the same system. Follow the steps below to group your Roam in Bluetooth mode with your other Sonos products. 

If you use a method that sends the audio through the TV and out via HDMI, then the audio will be controlled by the TV sound options in tbe app. In particular you won't have the FULL option to play stereo from the rear speakers as well as the soundbar.

Options that involve grouping the HT system to a Port, Five or Roam will result in the audio being treated as "music".

Just making sure you are aware of this.

Even more confusing….so I have an LG OLED which does have bluetooth functionality built in I presume it can be used as an audio relay back to the beam no? But that would need to be switched on to use it like that? Thats not at all what I’m looking for. Maybe I will just have the turntable plugged into an amp and exclude it from the sonos system. How frustrating. Thanks for the replies so far.

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As stated above the Sonos devices you own do not do bluetooth. The TV will emit bluetooth (for a headphone) but will (probably - I do not own an LG) not receive a bluetooth signal from your turntable. A Sonos Roam would receive the bluetooth signal from the turntable and bring it into the Sonos system via wifi. The bluetooth to HDMI adapter @nik9669a mentions would also receive the bluetooth signal and change it into a signal the TV can relay to the Beam. The disadvantages @John B mentions will apply.