I have to reset my router every time I want to use Sonos

  • 2 January 2017
  • 1 reply

So basically I don't use my Sonos too often, but when I do, it never shows up on either of my controllers (iPad and iphone) until I have reset the router. I don't have a bridge or boost. I'm pretty sure it isn't the strength of the wifi because it stays within the two to three bar region. It connects within minutes of me resetting the router, and stays connected for the entirety of the music session, until I close the app. I only got it a few days ago, so it can't be wear and tear at all. Can someone help me?

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1 reply

You probably have IP conflicts that appear to be cleared up when you reboot the router, but in reality that just messes it up more because rebooting causes the router to lose track of current address assignments, and when another device comes online and requests an IP, the router hands out one already in use. Then the cycle starts all over again. You need to refresh the entire network to clear up the conflicts.

Reboot the following in order:
Wired Sonos devices
Wireless Sonos devices
Computers, printers, etc.
Phones, tablets, all other wireless devices

Allow each to come up before moving to the next. After that, you can prevent this in the future by reserving IP addresses for each device in the router setup. See your router manual for details.