How to share a Sonos setup-vacation home shared by two families

  • 1 January 2017
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So my sister's family and mine are sharing a ski lease. We both brought Sonos pieces (play 5, play 3, & 2 play 1s) for music. We have the system setup and working, but it is all registered to my Brother-in-Law's account. Which is fine while we are here together, but they are heading home before us, so I will want to set the system up under my account so we can access our streaming services. I tried to set up as a new device, but I only had the option to enter the password for his account. How do I 'reset' them so I can get the system logged to my account?

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Best answer by Stuart_W 1 January 2017, 18:37

I'd just remove the individual Streaming accounts and add again with your details
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4 replies

Hi. How did you get them to function together during the vacation? Did you factory reset your units and then add them to his system?
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I'd just remove the individual Streaming accounts and add again with your details
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After reading your post a few times, I think I understand that you pooled your individual Sonos units (those owned by you and those owned by your brother-in-law/sister) for a period of time at your ski location (Hope you are having fun!!) and will now be separating them as they return "home". I presume you did what John B is asking and you connected his speakers to the wireless network and them reset yours and added them to the set-up... Now that his are going away, you could always just keep yours operating as is and add your music services to the system that is operating in the location (like Stuart is suggesting) or you could... if you really needed to before you return home (but I don't see that you'd 'need' to) reset your speakers to factory and re-set-up the system in the ski-location on the network and add in your services...
So all of these answers help me solve the issue I am having. Thank you all very much.

We did both bring up a mix of pieces that were part of our home systems and a new Play5. My Brother in Law arrived first, so set up his parts of the system. We arrived a week later, and then I just added my Play1's as new devices. The only hiccup was they wouldn't act properly until we played music directly to them. A very minor issue to be sure.

The system will now stay set up until May, at which time, our pieces will return to their respective homes. My main issue was that I couldn't play music off my services, but I didn't think about adding services, so I will do exactly that.

Thanks for all the assistance!

Happy New Year!