How to play a single podcast, not all in queue

  • 4 December 2016
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Maybe there's a workaround for this or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
If I s levy a podcastvto play through the sonos app, from on my phone -podcasts (which is pulling podcasts from the Apple iPhone podcast app), it adds all podcasts under that title to my queue
This is fine when I'm playing an album, but not what I want when playing a podcast.
This is usually a late night thing when I'm going to bed so I usually put the sleep timer on which switches it off for me. Sometimes I forget though and wake up 2 hours later with older podcasts in the queue still playing.
If there is no other solution other than a)using the sleep timer or b)editing the queue, that's fine. I just want to check if I've missed anything obvious.

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2 replies

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Supposed to read "if I select a podcast to play...."
Use the menu under the three dots (...).