How to listen to sonos in one room and tv in another from same reciever?

  • 3 November 2006
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I have my sonos zp100 going thru my receiver so I can listen to music thru my surround speakers and out side thru my patio speakers I use speaker A/B switch to do this. Problem is I want to be able to listen to sonos on my patio( speaker 😎 and my wife wants to watch a movie dvd (speaker A) at the same time. Is there another way I can hook my system up to do this?
any suggestions...thanks

My receiver only lets me listen to one source on A or B or A/B together

4 replies


As you have discovered, the receiver's "A" and "B" speaker outputs are both connected to the internal main front amplifier.

Are you using the ZP100's speaker output? If not, connect the patio to the ZP100.

You can directly connect two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers to a ZP100.

As far as your receiver is concerned, the ZP100 is a cassette deck. You can connect the receiver's REC OUT to the ZP100's Line-In and play the currently connected source through any ZonePlayer. However, keep two points in mind:

  1. The REC OUT is an analog output and receivers typically do not convert digital sources (DVD) to analog for the benefit of REC OUT, but you can connect both the analog and digital DVD outputs to your receiver. The analog signal will be passed to the REC OUT and the digital signal will be processed for surround. (Note: Some HDMI sources will disable the analog outputs when the HDMI outrput is in use.)
  2. There will be a slight delay between the Receiver's output and the SONOS output when you select the receiver's REC OUT. This delay can be minimized, but not eliminated, buy switching the SONOS Line-In function to "uncompressed".

Some receivers allow unused amplifier channels to be rerouted as "ZONE2". If you have one of these, you could connect the pattio as ZONE2.

There was another [thread="5162"]similar recent thread[/thread]. Is this your system?
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So if I got this right I can connect my patio speakers directly to the sonos wire terminals and use the sonos amp to power them. And I would use a rca out plug into the receiver and use the receiver amp to power the indoor speakers. Is that correct?

Yes, if you set the ZP100's Line-Out to "variable" (the default) both the Line-Out and speaker outputs will be active.

Operationally, this scheme has some awkward points:

The SONOS volume control will effect both outputs.

You'll need some sort external means to turn off the pattio speakers or you could switch the ZP100's Line-out to "fixed." Fixed output will mute the ZP100's power amplifier -- and disable the ZP100's volume control.
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Thanks works like a charm

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