How do you set up Sonos on a Surfboard Ripcurrent network?

  • 28 November 2016
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I just moved into a very old house with an odd shape and lots of obstacles (slate shingles, plaster, wood slat walls, sheet rock, asbestos siding, etc.). With all of this, my Wi-Fi network does not extend from one room to the next very well, let alone from 1st to second floor or the length of the house. I bought a few Surfboard devices that do very well at providing the Wi-Fi hotspots where I need them inside (and outside) the house, however, every extender has it's own SSID. Since it all connects into the same router, I can communicate with any device on any Surfboard SSID (Wi-Fi lights, Thermostats, etc.) and I can even have the Windows computer on one SSID controlling the bridge/speaker on another SSID but have not had success getting multiple rooms to consistently play or even stay grouped (not in BOOST or standard setup). I would like to be able to hardwire each component into its own separate Surfboard network extender (to go back to the only router) or connect to separate SSIDs but still allow them to be grouped for the whole house sound experience. Are there any tips out there? Feel free to ask for clarification but I'm not sure I will be able to explain... this is my first experience with Surfboard.

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