How do I get sonos to trigger an external amp

How can I get my sonos connect to trigger on my external amp ?? I wish sonos would add a 12v trigger... I am trying to figure out how to get my sonos to trigger on my external amp from standby mode. I don't want to leave amp in active mode all the time.

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Officially you can't , technically the only way you could do it would be to get a bit handy with a soldering iron and obviously we wouldn't recommend or support that.

i.e. you could get a the appropriate relay that switches at a very low level and tap an output from the connect and use this to switch the relay connected to the trigger input to the amp.

I hope this makes some sense!
Matt R, this is a huge missing feature in Sonos. Sonos should offer a sonos branded solution or point to a specific product that solves this. I've been a customer for a long time with a lot of your product and this issue is a huge frustration for people.
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I use Indigo Domotics home automation. I set up a trigger that automatically turns on my Denon amp and sets it to the Sonos input, sets the volume to -14 (that number works for me) as soon as the Sonos player goes into a playing state. When the sonos pauses/stops, it waits 60 seconds and then turns off the denon. I added the 60 delay in case I am just changing music sources, so it won't keep turning on and off. Woks great with no issues. I'm sure other home automations systems can do this too.
I used a development board to do the trick. you can see more here...
it is using the ethernet so no need for a soldering iron :)
Samsung Smartthings hub is able to detect when Sonos Connect is "turned on"
I've tested this and it can trigger an action (such as turning on a light). What I'll do next is purchase a Logitech Harmony and create an action that powers on the amp (in this case a Denon Receiver)
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Unfortunately this Xantech gear is discontinued but still around. What you need is a SMAUD Audio Sensor Module, CBCSM1 Current Sensor Block and a12volt power supply.

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