Help with Xbox 1 settings to convert dts to DD

  • 9 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I’ve looked through various threads but I am still not getting Dolby 5.1 from dts Blu rays on the Xbox. I have Samsung tv connected to beam via arc and have tried various settings on the tv and the Xbox. Can someone provide a simple explanation of what the settings need to be? Thank you

2 replies

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It might help the ARC experts if you can detail what you ARE getting exactly with your current settings. Stereo, silence, errors, etc.
I am getting stereo when playing Blu-ray. I get 5.1 if using my smart tv and I can get 5.1 from the Xbox if the game or disc has that option. It when I want the dts Blu-rays to concert to 5.1 that I get stereo.


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