Help with signal to Play 1 in studio

  • 3 December 2016
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Hi there. I have Play 1 speakers scattered throughout our house along with a Playbar for our TV. Everything works great and we love Sonos. Our system is set up through a Netgear wireless router and a plug in wireless router extension. (Our house is long and the signal needs to travel from one end of the house where the main router is located to the other end, so the extender allows us to achieve wireless performance throughout.

Our problem is that we have a studio/shed that my wife uses which is located about 250 feet from the house. It can be seen directly from the area where the main router is located. Wireless connectivity to the studio is spotty. The performance of the Play 1 located in the studio is very spotty. Some days it works fine, but most of the time the signal is dropped repeatedly. I have had the room disappear completely from the system.

We have noticed that we get a good wireless signal with a macbook but not as strong a signal on an iphone. The location of the macbook in the studio can affect its performance as well.

At first we tried to add another Netgear wireless extender to the studio, but that has not solved the issue. I would appreciate any advice as to how to deal with this. I am wondering if a Boost is the answer, but don't want to spend the money if the range is just too far.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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