Headphones and SONOS

  • 16 October 2016
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After reading a lot in the forum it has become clear to me that the priority of SONOS is not reproduction on headphones, but personally I would like to design a solution to listen to my music on headphones.

Someone has tested the connect + amplifier solution? It makes sense to add a DAC?

Someone has a different idea? (I like to use a non-wireless headphone)

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4 replies

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If you can find a Play 5 Gen 1 that has a headphone output
You can pay a fortune for 'audiophile' headphone amps.

I have a couple of these hooked to ZP80s via coax digital, and they do a decent job. They did however need an external earth wire to suppress ground float hum. My headphones are not expensive so I wasn't going to splash out wildly on an amp.

They're distinctly superior to a PLAY:1 Gen1's headphone outlet, which has a fairly obvious noise floor.
Thank you for your replies guys.

@Ratty I can not appreciate the quality of these expensive devices 🙂 I think more in this kind of amplifiers:

FiiO K5 -

Do you know any more than I have to take into consideration?


The FiiO K5 is a USB DAC. It won't work with a CONNECT.