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  • 31 January 2005
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I thought it might be cool to add a headphone jack to the controller and use it to have some easy portable music. Or listening when no one else wants to listen to it (ie your wife is asleep next to you). Not that the controller is small enough to be a walkman, but just a thought...

91 replies

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I've had my Sonos system for a little over a week and love it. There are a few things would make me like it even more (in roughly the order of importance to me):

1) Headphone jack in a ZP. Sure, it's got Line Out, but I would like a jack in the front that, if used, would mute the speakers. Being able to mute the speakers but not Line Out on the current ZP's would also be useful, but I have not found a way to do this.

2) Adjustable IR buffer. I noticed NPR Internet Radio dropping out now and then (I use Comcast internet). I wanted to try increasing the buffer size to see if that helped, but couldn't see how to do that.

3) Easier way to switch from Line In to something already in the queue. The only way I've found to do this is to add something else to the queue (or, possibly, drop and link zones in a way that loses the Line In). Maybe I'm just missing something.

4) More formats. I know you've heard this before. Ogg vorbis, Apple DRM, more streaming formats (like realplayer, quicktime, windows media) etc. would be welcome.

5) Scrolling seems backwards. I expected moving the wheel counterclockwise to move down the list. Took a little getting used to.
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I would second the additional formarts for streaming radio. One of the requirements of my system is to play both local NPR stations. Both stream a number of formats but neither stream Shoutcast format.
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A lot of people with kids or like me, with spouses that hit the sack early, have learned to be quiet in the evenings. Now that my house is saturated in SonosNet I find myself wishing for a zone player in the form of a high quality pair of headphones. Power them with internal rechargeables and a charging cradle and it would be a great solution for people who have volume restrictions or just like to listen to headphones. The ability to enjoy your music anywhere in range of your system without disturbing others would be great.
Get rid of the spouse and kids? :)

Seriously, perhaps something like a Sennheiser RS 65 wireless headphone connected to a ZP might be a solution.


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I got those for my wife ... she likes to watch TV at night - I don't, but I can manage without the sound 😉 They work great...
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I want to put my vote in for this suggestion. I would probably be the first to buy one of these.

Oooh, I can see it now, there I am, wandering around the house with the headphones on, heading out to work in the garden, mowing the lawn, ... :eek:
Would be useful at times in many rooms.
What about a controller with an integrated headphone socket. The controller could then appear as another zone (perhaps only to itself) when the headphones are connected.

Of course, this may need a substantially redesigned controller, which has the "oomph" to receive and decode the audio files.


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You could use headphones connected to the Sonos system, just use an RCA to mini converter.

As for the headphone jack on the controller, it is a decent idea, but we would then need to put an amplifier in the controller. This would decrease battery life and increase weight/size. So you can see how difficult it would be. I can assure that you are not the first or last to think of this 😉 .

RCA to mini is an option...but output is not as loud as a true headphone amp.
With a little bit of digging, one can find boxes that allow connecting headphones to any amplifier's speaker terminals.

If you are comfortable with minor electronic projects, it's not hard to build one yourself.
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Just a thought really????
Just a thought really????

On the ZonePlayer?

You can do it today without too much difficulty with a "2xRCA Plug to 3.5mm Socket" cable.

Thanks for the feedback...
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I'm sure he meant on the controller which would mean turn the ZC into a portable ZP and here we go again.... :rolleyes:
Well if we are putting a headphone jack on the Controller, I want digital out also (like AirPort Express). :)

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Suggestion 1: headphone output
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on the controller ? would add the cost of an amp to the controller, kill battery life, and defeat the whole point of paying for a sonos system. a home audio system. :P

If you meant on the zone itself, it would be nice to see a headphone, not hard to add cost wise, not particularly useful - since you wouldn't have a lot of range to move around, but nice if you want a 'quiet' moment for everyone else in the house i suppose.

Short term fix .. take a female mini plug socket (radio shack $1.49) run 2 X 6 foot leads off the ground, 1 X 6 foot lead off the left channel and 1 X 6 foot lead off the right. wrap with electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing. Put non soldered ends into sonos spring clips .. 1 ground in each and left and right respectivly. plug headset into other end.

not elegant, but not hard or expensive to do.
An improvement on this scheme would be the addition of a 270 Ohm (or similar) in series with each headphone channel.

This will cut down on the amount of amplifier noise and protect the amplifier from headphone cable short circuits.

[If you track down the internal wiring of virtually all receivers, these resistors are burried in there somewhere.]
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Headphone jack on the wireless controller. This could easliy allow the controller to become an in-house music device. My 11 yr. daughter suggested that.. she said it was a shame she could not listen to it in bed while not disturbing us (our room is next door).
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Great idea.
Works for me too.
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Any thing compatible with Sonos now? Anything planned for the future?
My spouse is asking!!
Many wireless headsets will accept line level inputs.

Th SONOS line level and speaker outputs are both active and follow the volume control. If you want to mute the speakers, you'll need to install a switch in the speaker wiring.
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I have just instaled my first Sonos player just a couple of weeks ago. what a super cooooool product, best ever!!!
I have suggested for the sonos team a wireless headset that could be logged on as a sone. This would make it a super headset compared to other wireless headsets. Connect your tv to the line inn on a sonos player and you dont need to bug your wife with music and tv. A product like this would be on topp of my christmas list if they start making it.:D
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Connect your tv to the line inn on a sonos player and you dont need to bug your wife with music and tv.

Unfortunately -- assuming I'm understanding correctly that you want to use the wireless headphones to listed to the TV -- I think you'd find that the encoding latency of the Sonos system would result in an unlistenable delay.

However, you could probably do what you want -- and without waiting for Sonos to come up with the product -- with an A/B switchbox and a pair of RF wireless headphones, such as any of several from Sennheiser. Use the switchbox to select either the TV or the Zone Player's line out as the source feeding the headphones.

If you don't like the A/B switch idea, I was noticing that the Sennheiser models -- which I do not own, BTW, just saw them online -- can transmit on any one of three channels. So you could instead get two sets of the headphones, connecting one transmitter to the TV and one to the ZonePlayer. You can select which transmission to receive from the headphones.

(Sennheizer uses 900MHz which is far removed from the WiFi frequencies Sonos uses. From online reviews, I don't think the less expensive IR transmitting designs would offer much audio quality.)