Hardware request for a Sound Stand/Pedestal

  • 13 November 2016
  • 5 replies

Hi, I own the Playbar and for my living room it is a wonderful device. I also have a TV in my office and space is rather confined. Placing the TV on top of a sound stand/pedestal would solve the space issue. Would Sonos issue a compact Player or stand/pedestal in the future?

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5 replies

Ah, you're asking for something they won't make, I suspect. While they've never been wont to share the roadmap for their product line, they've been fairly clear about the fact that they won't support Bluetooth, which they consider to be an inferior (and I'm paraphrasing other posts here) product. As to an HDMI hub, that would be great, but I don't see it happening anytime soon, and certainly not in a pedestal. I'm not sure how much effort it would be for them to integrate HDMI into the Playbar itself, but there have been requests for that for ever, figuratively speaking, and nary a rumor to be had.

But at least you got a response from Ryan S, who will add your request to the queue of a billion things that they should do.
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Thanks for the suggestion ktlouie. We'll pass it on to the team for you but don't have any specifics we can share around a sound base or stand for your TV.
However, such a thing is made by Flexson, for one. Hmm, Mission Viejo? Here's the Amazon link to it:

For some reason, when I go to Flexson's website, I always end up in the UK version, I'm guessing, by looking at it, they don't have a US version. But I've ordered both the stands for the Play:1 and the Playbar screenmount. I can say that Flexson makes good products, and the instructions are easy to follow.
Thanks but what I had in mind was a Player that was about 24" x 15" x 4". It could keep the digital audio connection but have NFC Bluetooth and HDMI hub would be a real icing on the cake. Sonos platforms rock.
Thanks. I think an HDMI hub could be done and incorporated with devices sitting near the sound stand/pedestal. It would really clean up systems in offices a lot. I appreciate your quick replies.